"Languishing in Languedoc"

Editor's note

The following pages are fragments from a pilgrimage diary by Father B Day-Poupou (1899-1987).  Walking from St. Malo on the Channel coast to the shrine at Lourdes, the author perished in a sudden and untimely manner in an as yet unexplained methane explosion at a goat's cheese factory at Condom, south of the Lot river, as he neared the end of his journey.

The main diary was consumed by the conflagration, but the following fragments survived.  They were bought by the curator of the Wenchoster Cathedral Chained Library from an itinerant French cheese seller at the weekly market in the village of Beaumont-du-Perigord in October 2001.

We present them as written, transcribed word for word from the text which was scrawled by Fr. B. Day-Poupou's own hand in what appears to be red wine on the back of a well-thumbed copy of the June 1987 issue of "Pilgrim's World".


Chapter 7

Chapter 19 (part)

Final entry


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