Mark 10: 53-59.

53. And behold, cometh they unto Bethsaida again.

54. And no sooner had they arrived when some people brought unto Him a blind man, and begged Him to touch him.

55. And He agreed to do so, and verily taketh He the man by the hand (to guide him, let the reader understand) and leadeth He him out of the village for Marcan reasons.

56. And lo, spitteth He as before onto the man’s eyes, for He was a good shot by now, and asked he of the man what he could see.

57. And the man sayeth unto him, “I see men, but they look like trees.”

58. And He sayeth unto him, “Those are trees. Try again.” And behold, he did, saying, “I see trees.”

59. But sayeth He, “Actually those are men.  Perhaps ye should wipe the spittle from thine eyes, and see clearly.”




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