Genesis 32: 1-12

1. Having woken up his family in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, Jacob crossed the Ford of Jabbok. It was a suitable crossing point, but behold he still got damp.

2. And Jacob was alone. And lo, a man came unto him, saying, Come on then. Put them up!

3. And this troubled Jacob, who did not want to wrestle with such a man, for who would believe his story in the morning.

4. But he looked more upon the man and saw his muscles, and leaped upon him with an half-nelson.

5. Yet the man shrugged him away saying, That's nothing. Watch this.

6. And he somersaulted towards Jacob. And Jacob side-stepped the man, who rolled into a nearby rock.

7. And they wrestled on until day-break. And then the man saw that he could not prevail against Jacob he jumped on his hip from a great height, and behold Jacob's hip was put out of joint. And he was exceedingly vexed.

8. Yet he held the man in a stranglehold saying, I will not let you go until you have blessed me.

9. And the man said unto him, What is your name?

10. And Jacob said, Jacob.

11. And the man said unto him, You shall not be called Jacob, but Huge Haystacks Jacob, for you did not surrender this fight. Then the man was seen no more, and Jacob limped into the shade exceeding sore.

12. Therefore to this day the Israelites do not begin their wrestling matches without first remembering that first bout at Peniel.



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