Mark 10: 61-67

61. And lo, He left Tyre and went unto the Decapolis via Sidon, which is an odd route and no short cut.

62. And bringeth they unto Him a deaf man whose words they comprehendeth not, for they were impeded.

63. And behold, He took the man aside privately, who looked alarmed, for he could not hear what He sayeth unto him.

64. And inserteth He His fingers into the man’s ears. Then wiping off the wax from His fingers, He touched the man’s tongue and spitteth He on the ground.

65. And verily, they that saw this were disgusted at his spitting.

66. Then looketh he heavenwards and said, “Eph’phatha,” (which involved even more spitting, let the reader understand.)


67. Then the man was healed, and the crowd marvelled exceedingly, saying one unto the other, “He hath done well, but we are not sure about all that spitting. It is not very Christian.”




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