Revelation 21: 15-28.
15. The hand of the Lord was upon me and he brought me to a rather big plot of land. There stood a man of bronzed countenance, with measuring rod and clipboard.

16. He said unto me, Mortal, pay attention, for I am showing you a vision of the new temple that the Lord has ordered.

17. And we walked the length of the walls, and the thickness measured one reed. I asked what a reed was, yet the man frowned upon me and continued.

18. And we entered the courtyard that was by the west wall, and he said unto me:

19. Here are to be placed plants of green, and seasonal shrubs in terracotta pots, with tiled paving around them. And I wrote it down, and marvelled.

20. Then he brought me unto the courtyard by the east wall, and again he turned to me and said, Here you must make arches, at least seven, on each side, that the faithful might be cool in the sun. And a water feature in the middle. Again, I marvelled.

21. And he said unto me, Are you getting all of this? And I nodded.

22. And he led me toward the south, and there was a gate on the south, and we measured its vestibule and its doors. And lo, they were the same dimensions as all the others, which will make ordering easier.

23. And he said unto me, Make a recess here, with a lintel for serving drinks.

24. Then he led me towards the north, and there were windows all around the courtyard. He swept his hand over them and said unto me, Lose these. Too draughty. But make seven steps from this place up to the vestibule, where the priests of the Lord might vest.

25. And we came unto the centre of the temple, and he turned to me and said, Mortal, what do you think?

26. And I answered him, saying, It might be expensive. But he said nothing.

27. Then he turned to me again, saying, Did I not tell you? And I said, What?

28. And he said, He wants a pool, with a slide, and a springboard. And I marvelled.



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