John 3: 1-10.

1. And behold, there was a man named Nicodemus, one of the Jews and a bit of a free-thinker. And cometh he unto Jesus at night.

2. And He sayeth unto him, Wither dost thou come unto me at night, for verily it is dark and spooky.

3. And Nicodemus nodded, for it was indeed so.

4. Then sayeth he unto Jesus, Rabbi, could’st not thou run that bit about being born again by me once more?

5. And behold, it was done. Yet he was still perplexed.

6. Look! Sayeth Jesus unto him, Think of it like the wind. It bloweth when it wants to.

7. And Nicodemus did agree, saying, Lo! Mine does.

8. And He proceeded to open the window.

9. Then said Jesus unto him, Now wither does it go?


10. Yet Nicodemus answered him not, and it was exceeding late, and still dark.





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