Proverbs 13: 1-9.

1. Wine is a mocker, my son. Listen to advice and stay well away from certain wine bars.

2. Else you will groan in the morning, and your head will be consumed.

3. A scoundrel goes about limply, bitter as wormwood with crooked speech, winking the eyes and shuffling the feet. Do not let him capture you with his eyelashes.

4. The loud and wayward woman waits on the corner. Do not walk with her, for the way to her house, where she drips honey and uses oil, is the way to blindness.

5. She too is bitter like gall, for many are those she has laid low. Do not bound like a stag towards her chamber.

6. Beware of the bed perfumed with myrrh, and the aloes and cinnamon flavoured pillows. They will loose their sweetness in the morning.

7. Such a harlot is like a dripping tap, and must be turned off. Drink water from your own cistern.

8. Walk away from her, and grasp the lizard with your hand, for such is the way of wisdom.

9. Let your water-feature be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, for she is as a graceful doe. Put on your stag horns and be satisfied.




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