Mark 4: 35-42

35. Verily, it was getting late, and He said unto them, Fancy a boat trip?

36. And they did so. And settest sail upon the sea.

37. And behold, the wind did blow, and they looked at one another in mirth.

38. But the wind did blow exceeding more, and the waves raised up their heads, and it ceased to be funny at all.

39. And the boat became increasing wobbly. And they did heave.

40. He was on the blunt end, and was in the land of Nod, and cometh they unto Him, and shaketh they Him roughly, saying, Rabbi, this is not a good time for a nap!

41. And sitteth He up at once, and chastised the wind and the waters, shouting, “Stop this at once! Can’t a Messiah have a bit of a kip when he so desirest?” And lo! They did so.


42. And the disciples were amazed, saying one unto another, How does he do that?





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