Matthew 17: 14-24

14. And Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, for he always picked these three when there was to be anything spectacular ahead. And lo, they nodded in anticipation, and followed him.


15. And he took them up an high mountain, and they grumbled exceedingly, for it was very steep, and the day was hot. And Peter spake unto him, saying, Phew Master, it is warm here, and I knowest that there are blisters on my feet.


16. But he saith nothing until they reached the top. Then spake he unto them, saying, Now you may take some rest, but if you do you might miss something.


17. But they nodded off, and the snoring was exceeding loud.


18. Peter awoke first and saw that there was a blinding light, and Jesus shone brightly. And Peter woke them, saying, Look how the Master's garments are glisteningly white!


19. And John saith unto them, Are we in Luke or Mark? And Peter answered him, In Mark.


20. Then saith John, Then His garments are intensely white as no fuller on earth could bleach them. And Peter and James marvelled accordingly at his exegesis.


21. And two other figures also appeared, Elijah and Moses, and they chatted with Him. And the disciples were sore, and afraid.


22. Then spake Peter, saying unto Him, Master, it is pretty spectacular that we are here. Shall I put up three tents, one for you, one for Moses and one for the other one?


23. And a cloud came down and overshadowed them, and a booming voice came out of that cloud, saying, Look, forget the tents! Just listen to Him! And lo! Suddenly He was there alone.


24. And the disciples, coming down the mountain, said one to the other, Surely that was a resurrection story. What was it doing here?


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