Zechariah 7: 1-8.

1. And in the fourth year of King Darius, Lo! The angel cometh unto me, saying, Take a look at this! It's t'rrific!


2. And I said, And what do you call that? For I was grievously puzzled.


3. And sayeth he unto me knowingly in hushed tones, Why, don't you know? It is a bushel moving forward.


4. And I was even more sorely perplexed, thinking that a bushel was a measure of dry grain, and not prone to moving about.


5. Then whispereth the angel, It is national naughtiness. Take a peep!


6. And behold, I beheld, and saw inside the bushel sat a woman, and she was exceeding naughty to my eyes, and I wiped my forehead.


7. Then the angel sealed up the bushel with a handy piece of metal, and two women with storks' wings came and removed it to Babylon.


8. And truly, I went to lie down for a bit.


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